Recap: ASC at PAF 2022

The Event The inaugural Pacific Audio Fest showcased many of the world's top HiFi music playback equipment manufacturers and was a wonderful experience for [...]

Recap: ASC at PAF 20222022-08-05T12:05:03-07:00

Announcing a Cure for Reflectophobia

"This debilitating mental condition was first reported in an AES paper in the early 70’s by Helmut Haas, and became known as the Haas Effect. [...]

Announcing a Cure for Reflectophobia2022-05-13T11:46:18-07:00

Listening Room Development pt. 3

Music The first level of “dialing in a room” improves the musicality of the playback system. By reducing the coupling between the speakers and [...]

Listening Room Development pt. 32022-05-06T11:43:30-07:00

Listening Room Development pt. 2

Sound Fusion In addition to the steady state condition, where the sound being heard is 10 dB louder than the sound from the speakers is [...]

Listening Room Development pt. 22022-04-29T11:32:20-07:00

StereoSonic Image Training Exercises

"Here's an experiment, call it stereosonic image training. I have developed this and it works. Its purpose is to get a person who is used [...]

StereoSonic Image Training Exercises2022-03-04T11:46:26-08:00

TubeTraps Are TAS Editors Choice

The March 2022 issue of The Absolute Sound is hot off the presses and we are thrilled that once again TubeTraps are TAS Editors [...]

TubeTraps Are TAS Editors Choice2022-05-19T09:05:38-07:00

Effects of Wall Shudder

Wall Shudder This leads us into a whole new world or listening room control, structural shudder control. When a pressure spike hits a wall or [...]

Effects of Wall Shudder2022-02-18T12:07:28-08:00

The Sculptured Listening Room

Perfecting your listening room can be exciting yet daunting. How to improve? What's most effective? How do I achieve a sonic sculptured listening room? Thankfully, [...]

The Sculptured Listening Room2022-01-25T12:06:15-08:00

Sonic Shimmer

What is Sonic Shimmer? This week ASC President and TubeTrap Inventor, Art Noxon, PE shares his knowledge on the subject. Let’s ask ourselves, What is [...]

Sonic Shimmer2022-02-23T11:06:50-08:00

Audio Measurements & Sound Quality

ASC President and TubeTrap Inventor, Art Noxon, PE shares his knowledge on the subject. (Originally posted on AVS forum, Dec 2013). Do Audio Measurements [...]

Audio Measurements & Sound Quality2022-02-16T11:59:55-08:00


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