Acoustic Shadowing

As we've shared, sometimes the best room treatment is to create a room within a room, or put another way, an "acoustic subspace". This applies [...]

Acoustic Shadowing2021-08-27T11:51:03-07:00

ASC’s QuickSoundField

At ASC, we design and deliver acoustic solutions for the studio engineer and the discriminating HiFi listener (among a plethora of other users and [...]

ASC’s QuickSoundField2021-06-25T11:51:50-07:00

The Quick Sound Field

A Studio Legend The QuickSoundField is a versatile assembly of ASC StudioTraps. Born from the legendary TubeTrap, and optimized for use in recording and mixing [...]

The Quick Sound Field2021-05-07T21:25:10-07:00

Congrats, Dr. Vibb, on Grammy number 7!

Acoustic Sciences Corporation is proud to congratulate multiple Grammy Award winner and AttackWall user Brian "Dr. Vibb" Vibberts on his 7th win! Our old buddy [...]

Congrats, Dr. Vibb, on Grammy number 7!2021-05-24T10:31:27-07:00

How an AttackWall Works

Studio Engineers and Musicians: this one is for you! The ASC AttackWall is an acoustic system constructed using StudioTraps and MonitorStacks. The result is nothing [...]

How an AttackWall Works2021-01-31T16:03:21-08:00

Mic Roussos

Mic Roussos is an engineer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and piano tuner. As an producer/engineer, he’s had his hand in numerous projects from the Cyprus area [...]

Mic Roussos2020-11-18T14:03:27-08:00

Mitch Malloy

Mitch Malloy on TubeTraps: Mitch Malloy is a singer, a songwriter, an engineer and a producer based in Nashville, Tennessee. During the mid '90s, Mitch [...]

Mitch Malloy2020-11-20T15:27:43-08:00

Stuart White

Stuart White Within the cozy confines of his AttackWall, Grammy nominated recording engineer Stuart White keeps on mixing the hits. A ten year veteran [...]

Stuart White2020-11-20T15:48:13-08:00

Gregory Scott | ubk

Gregory Scott of Kush Audio is a fan of the AttackWall. Here's some of what he says about this world-class mixing environment. Gearslutz, [...]

Gregory Scott | ubk2020-11-20T15:40:49-08:00
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