The Who Rocks Portland

On October 20th The Who rocked Portland, Oregon's Moda Center once again! This time supporting their The Who Hits Back – The North American Tour [...]

The Who Rocks Portland2023-07-17T13:56:53-07:00

Audiophiles & Room Acoustics

Reprinted with permission from (see for some great comments)   Why Audiophiles Need to Care About Room Acoustics By Art Noxon | March 6, 2013 8:52 AM [...]

Audiophiles & Room Acoustics2022-06-22T09:02:44-07:00

TubeTraps Are TAS Editors Choice

The March 2022 issue of The Absolute Sound is hot off the presses and we are thrilled that once again TubeTraps are TAS Editors [...]

TubeTraps Are TAS Editors Choice2022-05-19T09:05:38-07:00

US Patent Awarded to Art Noxon for IsoThermal TubeTrap

We’ve been pioneering, building and improving bass traps since 1984. Our flagship then remains the same today… the TubeTrap. The TubeTrap bass trap [...]

US Patent Awarded to Art Noxon for IsoThermal TubeTrap2023-09-08T09:27:31-07:00

Remembering Albert von Schweikert 1945-2020

Today we're remembering Albert von Schweikert 1945-2020. Acoustic Sciences Corporation is saddened that loudspeaker titan Albert von Schweikert passed away on May 29th.  He [...]

Remembering Albert von Schweikert 1945-20202022-05-19T09:31:29-07:00


Acoustic Sciences Corporation is honored to receive the 2019 TAS ACOUSTIC PRODUCT OF THE YEAR: ASC Iso-Wall, awarded from The Absolute Sound magazine.  Special [...]

TAS ACOUSTIC PRODUCT OF THE YEAR: ASC Iso-Wall2023-05-10T10:57:14-07:00

The Who gets more TubeTraps for 2019 Tour!

Acoustic Sciences Corporation ships another small load of replacement TubeTraps to The Who for the west coast US and UK [...]

The Who gets more TubeTraps for 2019 Tour!2023-07-17T13:57:44-07:00

TubeTraps Used at Rocky Mountain AudioFest

The 2019 Rocky Mountain AudioFest (RMAF) is being held at the Gaylord Rockies resort in Aurora, Colorado.  TubeTraps were used at Rocky Mountain AudioFest [...]

TubeTraps Used at Rocky Mountain AudioFest2022-05-19T10:19:50-07:00

Isothermal TubeTrap Production Surpasses 1000

We are excited to announce that Isothermal TubeTrap production surpasses 1000! One thousand new-generation TubeTraps in approximately 200 rooms...providing listening pleasure and protection from [...]

Isothermal TubeTrap Production Surpasses 10002022-05-19T10:09:25-07:00


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