Sub Bass Energy

What to do about that Sub Bass Energy? Sub bass energy is the frequency range the subwoofer make, typically below 45 Hz. It’s pretty [...]

Sub Bass Energy2022-02-14T08:46:51-08:00

WallDamp System Calculator

WallDamp System Calculator For use in determining material quantities and costs for the ASC Walldamp System for sound conditioning and isolation we employ the WallDamp [...]

WallDamp System Calculator2022-01-10T09:42:52-08:00

WallDamp Technical Data

ASC-WallDamp is a construction material that is an add-on or upgrade to standard wall and ceiling construction projects. By locating WallDamp material between the joints [...]

WallDamp Technical Data2022-01-10T09:34:36-08:00


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