Development of a Hi-fi Room pt. 1

To establish a reference baseline for the following discussion of Hi-fi listening, it is helpful to skim an article published in Stereophile: The View [...]

Development of a Hi-fi Room pt. 12023-03-24T11:54:44-07:00

Sound Quality & Audio Measurements

Art Noxon, PE Acoustical is ASC's founder & inventor of the TubeTrap. This week Art discusses audio measurements in relation to sound quality. Enjoy. [...]

Sound Quality & Audio Measurements2022-09-16T11:45:31-07:00

Assessing Audio Quality Using the MATT Test

The MATT test was developed by ASC founder, president and TubeTrap inventor, Art Noxon, PE Acoustical to identify audio quality issues so we can [...]

Assessing Audio Quality Using the MATT Test2022-07-22T11:46:05-07:00

Clarity & Frequency Response

Is Frequency Response the End-All Measurement of Sound Quality? Is anything more important than a flat frequency response in your room? For studio engineers or [...]

Clarity & Frequency Response2022-07-01T11:54:58-07:00


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