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Project Description

Mark McKillen Listening Room features many ASC MatrixPanels

“Well, I just got done installing a bunch of Acoustic Sciences stuff: 20” SuperTraps in the corner behind the right speaker, Half Rounds in the little hallway leading to my bedroom, and another Half Round between the speakers, four PCAD panels and one MatrixPanel behind the listening seat on the wall, and another MatrixPanel on the wall over the record cabinet (first reflection point). This is only part of the stuff ASC came up with in their free design for my room, but it was all I could afford.

Really a major upgrade in the sound. Definitely a bigger improvement than 5 power cords (about the same price, too). So yeah, I feel silly not doing it sooner!”

—Mark McKillen

Mark McKillen, matrix panel corner

Why the ASC MatrixPanel?

If you have ever been in a room covered floor-to-ceiling with acoustic material or put your ear next to a large absorptive panel, then you know the acoustically dead sound produced in these situations. The human brain relies on subtle acoustic cues to help us maintain sonic equilibrium. If we remove those cues by over-absorption, this results in an unpleasant feeling room. To this end, acoustic dispersion, which is a soft form of diffusion, with an appropriate amount of absorption, helps to make a room sound soft and warm.

ASC’s MatrixPanel provides a perfect combination of absorption and reflection in one attractive easy to install wall panel. If the listening position is within 2 feet of the back wall, the MatrixPanel softens and diffuses harsh wall reflections, making the wall “disappear”. In fact, because of the engineered performance of the MatrixPanel, the listener can be located as close to the panel as they would like and still not be distracted by the sound absorptive characteristics. Usually, we recommend MatrixPanels for HiFi listening rooms, however, it also works well in recording studios and home theaters.

Each MatrixPanel is hand-made by our skilled fabrication technicians right here in Eugene, Oregon. There are dozens of components in each panel, meticulously engineered to give you just the right acoustic effect. Each MatrixPanel is then covered in acoustically transparent Guilford fabric, then framed in solid oak suitable for presentation in even the finest setting.

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