Hifi Listening Room Modes

This week we discuss the effect of room modes. Acoustic Sciences Corporation founder, president and TubeTrap inventor, Art Noxon, PE Acoustical shares his knowledge with [...]

Hifi Listening Room Modes2022-07-15T11:09:45-07:00

Acoustic Shadow Casting

Traditional Wall-Mounted Acoustics or Mobile Free-Standing? Acoustic Shadow Casting - For many, wall-mounted sound absorbers are the default style and the only thing that makes [...]

Acoustic Shadow Casting2021-12-15T10:24:33-08:00

Beyond the Thunder Dome

View as PDF The New Bremen American Legion had a problem on their hands. They’d purchased an auditorium with a view to hosting dances and [...]

Beyond the Thunder Dome2023-05-10T10:17:24-07:00


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