Head End Ringing

The term Head End Ringing coined by ASC President Art Noxon, succinctly describes a complicated phenomenon that destroys the articulation and intelligibility of your [...]

Head End Ringing2021-08-20T11:22:56-07:00

Free Your Speakers

The past year has been a trying one for many of us. While things may be getting back to normal across many aspects [...]

Free Your Speakers2021-07-02T12:04:05-07:00

Large Room Acoustics: The Timing of Reflections

Timing is Everything... ...in engines, in investing, in acoustics...and in many aspects of life. All things entail rising and falling timing. You must be able [...]

Large Room Acoustics: The Timing of Reflections2021-05-21T17:10:12-07:00
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