Art in Articulation

Without properly hearing the transient content on the original recording, your playback will lack the detail and power that was captured. This week we [...]

Art in Articulation2021-12-30T11:45:09-08:00

Head End Ringing

The term Head End Ringing coined by ASC President Art Noxon, succinctly describes a complicated phenomenon that destroys the articulation and intelligibility of your [...]

Head End Ringing2022-02-08T10:52:16-08:00

Articulation and the Small Room (AES-1988)

Articulation and the Small Room Presented at the 85th AES Convention, Los Angeles, CA, November 6, 1988 —Arthur M. Noxon  Acoustic Sciences Corporation. Eugene, OR. [...]

Articulation and the Small Room (AES-1988)2023-04-27T11:58:41-07:00

Putting the Art in Articulation

This week we Putting the Art in Articulation as we look into the effect of poor articulation on tonal transients. These are sonic events that [...]

Putting the Art in Articulation2022-06-01T15:09:00-07:00

Articulation – Prerequisite to Performance (AES-1989)

Acoustic Sciences Corporation Eugene, Oregon USA Articulation - Prerequisite to Performance (AES-1989) Presented by Art Noxon at the 87th AES Convention New York, October [...]

Articulation – Prerequisite to Performance (AES-1989)2023-04-10T09:06:57-07:00


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