Stages of Acoustic Upgrades

The prospect of adding acoustic control devices to a HiFi listening room can be daunting. Where to start? What are my goals? For others [...]

Stages of Acoustic Upgrades2022-02-08T12:15:19-08:00

Acoustic Space and Time

Need Some Acoustic Space and Time? At Acoustic Sciences Corporation we're known for our world-class, patented acoustic treatments for Hi-fi and Pro Audio environments. [...]

Acoustic Space and Time2022-02-21T09:07:32-08:00

Playing a Long and Narrow Room Properly

If your audio room is quite long and fairly narrow, this tip applies to you.  If your audio room also has a peaked ceiling that [...]

Playing a Long and Narrow Room Properly2022-02-08T10:24:16-08:00

Your Head-End Ringing Control Solution

And Now...TubeTraps We've been discussing head-end ringing extensively the last several weeks. Why? Because you can add diffusers, thin wall absorbers, rear wall traps, resonators, [...]

Your Head-End Ringing Control Solution2022-02-07T11:14:15-08:00

Acoustic Carpets

All “acoustics” are not the same. We have sound proofing and then we have sound conditioning. Sound proofing means keeping the sound in the [...]

Acoustic Carpets2023-04-04T10:51:38-07:00

Creating Authentic Vocal Tracks

By Arthur Noxon. Originally published in Oregon Film & Video Magazine, December 2006 One of the many aspects of film production involves visual/sonic continuity. [...]

Creating Authentic Vocal Tracks2022-11-03T10:20:58-07:00


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