The Kinds of Room Acoustics

Art Noxon, PE Acoustical is ASC's founder & inventor of the TubeTrap. This week Art discusses the kinds of room acoustics, especially regarding recording [...]

The Kinds of Room Acoustics2022-10-07T11:22:23-07:00

Secrets of Setting Up Rooms

Check out Art Noxon's talk at the California Audio Show from 2019 regarding the secrets of setting up rooms for [...]

Secrets of Setting Up Rooms2022-07-22T09:07:30-07:00

Flutter Echo/Flutter Tones

ASC founder, president and TubeTrap inventor, Art Noxon, PE discusses Flutter Echo/Flutter Tones In Home Theater Acoustics Vol. 5 of a five-part series from [...]

Flutter Echo/Flutter Tones2022-05-20T11:40:21-07:00

Sound Pressure Spikes & Rooms

Read along as ASC founder, president and TubeTrap inventor, Art Noxon, PE shares his knowledge on this technical topic! "For every attack transient... ...there is [...]

Sound Pressure Spikes & Rooms2022-03-25T11:59:34-07:00

A Short History of the TubeTrap

ASC celebrates its 100th Newsletter by taking us back to where it all began...the TubeTrap. Read along as ASC founder, president and TubeTrap inventor, Art [...]

A Short History of the TubeTrap2022-03-18T11:59:29-07:00

Modes & More Modes

Modes & More Modes! This week enjoy this deep-dive on this subject by ASC founder & president, Art Noxon, PE as he helps us move [...]

Modes & More Modes2022-02-11T11:45:40-08:00

Sonic Shimmer

What is Sonic Shimmer? This week ASC President and TubeTrap Inventor, Art Noxon, PE shares his knowledge on the subject. Let’s ask ourselves, What is [...]

Sonic Shimmer2022-02-23T11:06:50-08:00

The Quest for the Ultimate

Have you ever felt as though... ...your sound system was unable to ascend beyond a certain performance level, no matter what upgrades you performed? [...]

The Quest for the Ultimate2022-02-14T09:20:56-08:00

Stonehenge Acoustics and ASC’s QuickSoundField

Let's talk about Stonehenge Acoustics and ASC's QuickSoundField. The Neolithic monument in southern England known as Stonehenge has a 4500 year history that is [...]

Stonehenge Acoustics and ASC’s QuickSoundField2022-02-08T11:28:21-08:00

Stages of Acoustic Upgrades

The prospect of adding acoustic control devices to a HiFi listening room can be daunting. Where to start? What are my goals? For others [...]

Stages of Acoustic Upgrades2022-02-08T12:15:19-08:00


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