WallWool Sound Barrier

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ASC WallWool Sound Barrier has 10x more absorption that standard wall fiberglass insulation. ASC WallWool has been formulated to provide maximum sound attenuation in a relatively thin package. There is no fiberglass resin adhesive in this material and no odor.


ASC’s WallWool Sound Barrier combines refractory wool that, pound for pound, has twice the acoustic efficiency of fiberglass batts. We’ve encapsulated this product inside an acoustically transparent envelope with tabs for easy installation. The result is that the highly fibrous, non-asbestos sound absorbing material is contained in an easy to apply insulation batting. Available face or unfaced.

Super Sound Absorber

When WallWool Sound Barrier combines with any of our WallDamp soundproofing systems, you get a “one-two” punch when it comes to stopping and absorbing sound. This chart shows the absorption and barrier effect of just WallWool alone. Adding the superior low-frequency sound control of WallDamp will give you a seriously impressive improvement in sound stopping capacity.

WallWool…The Audiophile’s Friend!

Our WallWool product is available in 16″ or 24″ wide rolls, are faced on two sides and are staple mounted between stud bays (see figure 1). It is also available typar faced on one side in 25′ x 24″ rolls, (see figure 2).

INSTALLATION is quick. Simply lay the batting into the wall, ceiling, or floor cavities between the studs/joists and glue/tack/staple the flap edges to the framework

APPLICATION. of Wall Wool Batting provides an excellent sound blocking surface when used in conjunction with the ASC Iso-Wall system. It’s also the most efficient solution for noise control in shallow frame spaces.

  • High tech super-fine refractory ceramic fiber is perfect for high-end audio applications
  • Exclusively available only from ASC since 1993
  • Can be used as a liner behind stretch fabric systems
  • 1″ thick, 4 pounds per cubic foot density
  • Easy staple or nail mounting
  • Proudly made in USA by skilled artisans

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