TubeTrap Base Stands



  • High End Listening Rooms
  • Recording Studios
  • Home Theater
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TubeTrap Base Stands Keep your TubeTraps off the floor and away from shoe scuffs. Easy to lift off and on, and nylon disks make it easy to rotate into position for best room acoustic results and helps hold them in place as well.

TubeTrap Base Stands work excellent on all types of flooring. The stepped base look with a textured finish fits in well with any room style.

The TubeTrap Octagon Stand offers a simple and unique way of helping one place a TubeTrap in a listening or recording room on a solid, sturdy base. It lets you properly position and isolate your TubeTrap for more accurate performance.

Styled after the ancient Greek columns with a beveled base, these sturdy stands will only enhance your TubeTraps, and with the added nylon discs located on top, makes it easy to rotate your TubeTraps to get them in the right position for ultimate sound performance.

They work great on hardwood floors, tiled floors or carpeted floors, and come with 1″ skid-free hard rubber feet for sonic isolation. Available for all our different TubeTrap sizes. Comes in textured laquer finish.

This sturdy, octagon shaped base will help hold your TubeTraps in place from any accidental bumpings and help protect your investment.


  • Base plate is 1 ½ “ thick
  • Skids on top the base plate are 1/8 “ thick
  • Rubber feet are 1 ¾ high.
  • Base raises bottom of TubeTrap a total of 3 3/8 “ off the floor.
  • The clearance between the bottom of the plate and the floor allows cables to run under the base instead of around them.
  • Color: Black Texture Lacquer finish (same as used on TubeTraps)
  • Base Material: MDF Particle Board
  • Weight: Varies on size

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