Sound Stress and Seahorses

The Consequences of a Noisy Environment to Animal Health Authors: Paul A.Anderson, Ilze K.Berzins, FrankFogarty, Heather J.Hamlin, Louis J.Guillette Jr. [...]

Sound Stress and Seahorses2024-04-15T10:14:37-07:00

Acoustic Carpets

All “acoustics” are not the same. We have soundproofing and then we have sound conditioning. Soundproofing means keeping the sound [...]

Acoustic Carpets2024-04-04T10:06:03-07:00

Voicing the Church

There are two aspects to Church Acoustic projects. One is the acoustic material to be used and the second is [...]

Voicing the Church2024-04-04T10:07:03-07:00

Subwoofers: Source of Noise Pollution

The home theater subwoofer can become a neighborhood noise pollution problem. You’ll know if you get phone calls that interrupt [...]

Subwoofers: Source of Noise Pollution2024-04-03T11:28:48-07:00

The Many Voices of NRC

Why All Ratings Are Not the Same —Arthur Noxon, P.E. The Many Voices of NRC Article appeared in the Winter [...]

The Many Voices of NRC2024-04-03T11:41:52-07:00

Room Treatments, Part 2

Originally published in Positive Feedback  Issue 32, 2007 by Roger Gordon View as PDF Your listening room, according to the [...]

Room Treatments, Part 22024-04-11T08:48:51-07:00


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