Espen Lind’s New Studio

The Norsk Innspillingsbyrå Studio in Oslo, Norway features a beautiful AttackWall with double Monitor Stacks for mixing and a Quick Sound Field for recording.

Featured in Mix Magazine’s Class of 2014, the studio designed by Jeff Hedback is the production and mixing studio for musician/producer Espen Lind.


Espen Lind is one-half of the New York-based Norwegian songwriting and music production team Espionage.

Together with Amund Bjørklund, Lind co-wrote Beyoncé’s 2006 worldwide smash “Irreplaceable”, which was number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 10 consecutive weeks and the best selling single in the US in 2007. Espionage were also the producers and cowriters behind several of Train’s major hits, including “Drive By” and their popular single “Hey, Soul Sister”, which is among the 20 highest selling singles of all time in the US. Espionage has received numerous BMI Awards.

Norsk Innspillingsbyrå Studio

Besides an an AttackWall, the studio utilizes a Quick Sound Field for recording and TubeTraps for trapping bass.

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