Brian Vibberts

A seven-time Grammy winner, Brian “Dr. Vibb” Vibberts has participated in the making of albums with over 250 Grammy Nominations and 65 Grammy Award Winners.

“I use an Attack Wall in my mixing room, which is outstanding! I love it.

“For recording, I always use the Quick Sound Field setup, whether I am at a smaller studio or I am at Ocean Way Recording! I have used it for recording vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, drums, horns, acoustic bass, choir, percussion, and more.”

Brian Vibberts’ taste for music started early in his childhood by participating in vocal, instrumental and musical performances. His background directly lead him to his true passion of recording and mixing music. In 1991, Brian earned his Bachelor Degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he thoroughly studied Music Production and Engineering. This provided him with the needed knowledge to become a successful professional in the competitive music business.

What’s Tracking

Brian uses his portable Quick Sound Field to record Miles Mosley on a 250 year old upright bass for “What’s Tracking’s” 5th webisode. The Quick Sound Field provides an acoustically controlled recording space, which Brian uses for all of his recordings. In this episode of “What’s Tracking,” Brian uses the technique to while demonstrating various mics and filters for the show.


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