StudioTrap Travel Bag


If you do a lot of travel and don’t want to leave your StudioTraps at home, consider picking up some StudioTrap travel bags. Contact us for details. Made in the USA.


The StudioTrap Travel Bag: An ASC Exclusive

For the studio engineer on the go, the StudioTrap travel bag is a nifty nylon carrying bag for our famous StudioTrap free-standing absorber/diffuser. For folks with the Quick Sound Field setup or anyone with StudioTraps, this bag makes portability a snap. No longer do you risk marring the fine fabric finish with dirty hands, or scuffing the sides while laying your StudioTraps in your car or SUV. The bags are also great for long-term storage of your Traps and keep dust and dirt out.

It’s a slipcover with a convenient carry handle, placed to perfectly balance the StudioTrap when lifted into a horizontal position. We used durable 240 oz. black coated Cordura nylon fabric and super tough nylon webbing for the handles. Plus it comes with a drawstring at the base to keep the cover from slipping off during transport.

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