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Finally, a room can both sound great and look great. ASC has combined the science of sound absorption/diffusion with the art of printing and produced the PicturePanel.

We took our award winning SoundPanel and SoundPlanks and created a canvas you can customize to suite your home, office or public space.

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Wherever artwork goes up, the noise goes down. Used in the office and lobby, the restaurant, at home in the great room or home theater, in fellowship halls and even the school gym. Whether it’s a company logo or just your favorite photo, all you need is to do is submit a high-res digital image for your Picture Panel and we’ll take care of the rest. Or choose from our growing library of images.

Interior Design AND Great Acoustics

Artwork hangs on nearly every wall. It looks good and it makes a place feel interesting, have character, seem cared for and comfortable. But the interior designer and architect know that in addition to helping spaces to look good, they also need to sound good. They also specify sound panels for the walls. The Picture Panel is a great looking and cost-effective way to get more artwork up on the walls and reduce the unsightly clutter of sound panels. The PicturePanel is designed and made to look great up close and sound great too. Just below the surface of the image is a hidden grid of sound reflecting strips, diffusers, which gives the panel a lifelike sparkle. Up close or across the room, the Picture Panel looks as good as it sounds.

Branding, Logos, and Fundraising

In your office, a big photo of your child, family pet or the favorite vacation spot might be just the right thing. A corporate logo or mission statement helps bring peace and quiet to the lobby, hallway, and boardroom. At home, the great room and the home theater need PicturePanels. A fast-food chain can convert their branding images into sound panels to help knock down the build-up of noise. Churches look for panels that are faced with religious symbols, images, and sayings. A beautiful three-panel artwork in larger public spaces will double up for sound panels. Gyms, band rooms, and swimming pools all need acoustics and a new fundraising project can help get the job done. Sponsors can now buy the image they want, on the sound panel you need. The PicturePanel gives both the eye and the ear a place to rest. It is the picture perfect sound panel.

PicturePanels with Customer-supplied Pictures

Customers are welcome to send in their digital photos, which ASC will turn into PicturePanels. The custom charge for this service is $161 extra per Panel. There are some guidelines:

  • Bigger is better, meaning bigger file size with high resolution. Use a high megapixel digital camera set to the “best” quality setting.
  • Scans of 35 mm negatives will turn out grainy when enlarged to PicturePanel size. If you are supplying film scans, medium to large format slides will give good results. Otherwise, stick to digital photography.
  • Copyright laws prohibit ASC from duplicating commercial artwork or photography without the written consent of the artist.

Branding, Logos and Fundraising

ASC can print your vector based EPS file on the PicturePanel. Any PostScript file such as PDF, EPS or Adobe Illustrator can be printed at any size up to 4′ x 8′ without a reduction in quality. The custom charge for this service is $107 per panel.


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