MATT Test Analysis


Are you ready to see how your room stacks up? Download the MATT test and record it in your listening room or studio. Send this over to our engineers and we will analyze the test to help you better understand your room setup.

$50.00 + $25.00 Per Additional Test (Recording)

Provide us with a recording of the MATT Test in your room and we’ll take it from there.


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The MATT Test Analysis is a rapid gated slow sine sweep.  It demonstrates the musical clarity vs frequency of the HiFi system in your room.  In some ranges of sound you will hear strong rapid dynamic sound level changes while in other ranges the tone bursts blur together in reverberant chaos.  You can also hear the more familiar peaks and valleys of your room.  Then play it again but this time close your eyes and concentrate on the sound stage of this perfectly mono signal.  In some tone ranges the image stays put; stage center, small and tight, where it belongs.  But the next tone range sees the image lose focus and fluff up into a ball of fog. And yet another sees the image up and wander off, flying around the sound stage like Peter Pan.

The objective of performing the MATT test in your listening room is to determine where you might move your speakers, listening position, and/or where to add acoustic treatment to your room to obtain the highest quality sound possible from the components in your listening environment.

The diagram illustrates a typical MATT test analysis set-up.

asc MATT Test mic recording positionASC engineers will process your MATT test analysis recording and provide a 3-page PDF showing the test results.

  • No gain control or equalization should be used.
  • Use an omni-directional microphone with a flat frequency response and place at the listening position.
  • Do not stand behind or near the microphone. It needs to be out in the open.
  • Record onto digital media
  • Label the media before it is sent to ASC for processing.  Email the file directly or upload to any online file storage and share a link with us.
  • You will be contacted by one of our technicians with contact information, including an email address to send the file or link


  • A sketch and photos showing the test set-up would also be helpful.

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