RT-60 Analysis

This helps to measure the reverberation of the room—how long it takes sound to die out. It is is known as an RT-60 Test. Although this can be theoretically calculated, it is better to have an actual test done when possible.


ASC excels at “distance consultation” whereby building managers/sound engineers/maintenance crew perform the noise burst recordings and send them to ASC for processing. We’ll provide octave-band RT-60 charts and a summary of recommended acoustic treatments. Clients located within ~100 miles of Eugene, Oregon are available to receive on-site consultation.  Click the tab for pricing, and call for details!  (541) 343-9727.

Every room should have a baseline RT-60 measurement on file. This measurement is used by all sound professionals, A/V installers, etc. A new RT-60 measurement should be taken after every remodel or alteration to the room. Even a new paint job can alter this important measurement.

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