What is the ATTACKWall?


Used all over the world, the AttackWall is created from a series of StudioTraps and custom MonitorStands that decouple your speaker and serve as deep bass traps. This combination serves to control the entire bandwidth of sound to deliver mixes that translate perfectly.

AttackWall redefines mixing environments. Enclosing your monitors, console and mix position with ASC’s StudioTraps results in the formation of an AttackWall. This result converts any space into a world-class control room. Legendary engineer Bruce Swedien says, “No matter where I go, I take these wonderful devices with me.” Studios may come and go, and the AttackWall goes where ever you go. The AW is the mixing complement to the QuickSoundField.

Used for recording, this configuration will bring you the control room acoustics of a world-class studio. The AttackWall produces a reliable, repeatable and accurate space in which to track, mix, and master, regardless of the room in which it is located. Studio Traps tuned with the absorptive side towards the engineer and placed on either side of the monitors, act as a soffit-loaded dead front end. The AW is absorptive down to 110 Hz but loads the low bass then vents around its bottom and top edges to eliminate the vertical bounce.

It’s a free-standing workstation that consistently produces the most amazingly clear sonic space you’ll ever work in. When you need reliable, repeatable and accurate sonic conditions to do your work, nothing beats the AttackWall. Equally adept for tracking, mixing and mastering, you can achieve the same quality results regardless of room dynamics or monitor speakers used.

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