The Ripple Tank Pt. 10

The Ripple Tank paper concludes! Link to full thesis paper by ASC president and TubeTrap inventor,  Art Noxon, PE Acoustical   Channel Filter Networks The uniform channel of [...]

The Ripple Tank Pt. 102023-09-01T13:02:28-07:00

The Ripple Tank Pt. 6

This week we continue our Ripple Tank series with another snippet of an important thesis paper, one that launched the career path of ASC founder, president [...]

The Ripple Tank Pt. 62023-07-07T14:45:46-07:00

The Ripple Tank

Synesthesia: a sense impression experienced by one sense through stimulation of another sense Have you ever seemed to see a flash of red at [...]

The Ripple Tank2023-06-02T12:13:09-07:00

Art Noxon on the Sound of Space Design

Read along as ASC founder, president and TubeTrap inventor, Art Noxon, PE shares his experience with us this week! Sound Fusion in Small Rooms What [...]

Art Noxon on the Sound of Space Design2022-04-01T11:41:51-07:00

Sound Masking from Head End Ringing

Heads & Masks No, we're not getting a jump start on Halloween or planning a masquerade opera. We are building upon last week's discussion of [...]

Sound Masking from Head End Ringing2022-02-08T10:15:41-08:00


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