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Shipping Services

ASC headquarters Eugene Oregon

All orders are shipped from our headquarters in Eugene, Oregon USA

Product Size & Shipping Costs

Shipping Info, Services & Fees on our products can be significant due to their size. Often 15% – 30% in total added expense. This is often more than with electronics and other goods purchased online.

This is mainly due to (2) reasons:

  1. Size: Because our products tend to be large & bulky, they normally fall into the ASC Shipping TubeTrapsdimensional weight category–and can be subject to special handling fees. Although the actual box weight may be 30 – 40 lbs, dimensional weight methods can increase that to 100 lbs+ in billable weight.
    1. For example: A single boxed 16” x 4’ TubeTrap weighs in at 38 lbs – actual
      However, the boxed dimensions are: 54” x 19” x 19” = (19,494 ÷ 139) = 140 lbs – billable weight.
  2. Shipping Distance: Our location in Eugene Oregon is about 3,000 miles from the east coast. Other than California & Seattle, we are not in close proximity to other major population areas. That large distance makes transit times longer and shipping more costly.

Standard Pack & Shipping Method

Our standard method is UPS Ground for Domestic US Delivery

Most of our products are packaged & boxed individually or in sets, ready to be sent Parcel Delivery. A few of the larger sized items & custom products may require us to use alternate shipping methods when they exceed the UPS maximum. For example: 20” & 24” diameter TubeTraps are too large to ship via UPS and require shipment via Freight Truck.

  • UPS Ground is our standard shipping method and is what our shipping department is set-up for. This is how your order will be shipped unless other arrangements are made in advance. We do not have a regular pickup or dedicated shipping systems with FedEx, DHL, or USPS. Therefore, those are not part of our ‘standard’ shipping services. However, special arrangements can be made if requested. See the section below for details.
  • UPS Expedited services such as UPS Next Day, UPS 2-Day and UPS 3-Day are also available. Keep in mind that most boxes are quite large and dimensional weight will apply. Air Service is not cheap. Expect to pay double for 3-Day and about to 5X for Next Day.

Large Order – Size or Quantity

Shipping Info, Services & Fees, ASC pallet of tubetrapsConsolidated Pallet Freight with ASC as your Shipping Agent

On larger multi-piece shipments going to a single address, we can sometimes help save costs by using our contracted freight service in partnership with Old Dominion Freight Lines (ODFL).

By consolidating & palletizing your shipment, it can often lower your per-pound shipping rate enough to make this an attractive option compared to UPS Parcel service. Although there are extra fees for palletizing and acting as your freight agent, the net total cost ‘delivered’ is often lower. Check with your salesman to see if this service is a viable option for your particular order.

Shipping Alternatives

Using your Shipper of Choice and/or Shipping Account does have added Shipping & Handling fees – see details below.

Some customers or businesses that purchase our products prefer to use their own shipper of choice: sometimes for convenience, sometimes for cost savings. You are welcome to do this. We will hold your order at the shipping dock for pickup. Just let us know WHO your shipper is and WHEN you have scheduled them to pick up your order.

When using your shipper of choice:

  • You will need to make all the arrangements and complete all the shipping paperwork yourself. Please do not send the paperwork to us to complete for you, or ask us to call or go online & make the arrangements with your shipper. We treat the order as a “will call”. Our dock hours are: 9am – 2:30pm Mon – Thursday. (Friday’s by Appointment) If you do need our help, we can provide those shipping agent services for a fee. See our FEE SCHEDULE below for rates.
  • If using FedEx, DHL, USPS or other parcel services. We ask you:
    1. Create and send us a PDF of the pre-printed barcode labels required by your carrier. We will print them out and apply them to your packages for you.
    2. Schedule the items for pickup at our location. They will be held for you in our shipping & receiving area.

If we must get involved and are required to do these things on your behalf, we must charge for that. Please refer to the FEE SCHEDULE below.

For Freight Trucks & Shipping Containers

  • Products will be packaged in their individual cartons (standard parcel packaging) and pre-labeled with a generic address label (the SHIP TO: address).
  • If consolidated / shrink-wrap packing, palletizing, or container loading is required or requested, we can provide that service. See our FEE SCHEDULE below for rates.
  • If we must get involved with completing paperwork, going online, and/or be involved with making the arrangements with your shipping agent, then we must charge for that service. Please refer to our FEE SCHEDULE below.
  • Payment to your shipping agent is your sole responsibility. We cannot pay on your behalf.

Fee Schedule


  • ASC Shipping Agent Services: $135.00 flat fee
    • This includes shipping arrangement & clerical services that ASC provides on your behalf when using Consolidated Pallet Freight + ASC as your Shipping Agent. For 3rd Party Freight Providers, see our ‘3rd PARTY SHIPPING SUPPORT’
  • Palletizing Service: $85.00
    • This includes the cost of (1) pallet*, packing it, strapping down, shrink-wrap & labeling. Applies to general sizes pallets approximately 4’x4’ to- 4’x6’ (Large pallets have an up-charge)
  • Additional Pallets: $55.00 per pallet
    • Standard Sizes. See below for larger & custom pallets
  • Large, Custom, or International Pallet Up-Charges starting at $25.00 extra
    • Oversized & Custom pallets also require extra lead-time
  • Custom Crate Charges starting at $150.00 per crate
    • Crate costs are quoted on a ‘per-basis’ situation
  • Shipping Container / Truck Loading: $75.00 per labor hour/person
    • 1 hour minimum
    • Prices will be quoted and final amount invoiced after work is completed
  • Offsite Depot / Ship Center Drop-Off: $95.00 per trip
    • If we need to load & drive your order to a shipping center (Kinko’s/FedEx, Post Office or Amtrak for example) to have the packages processed
  • 3rd Party Shipping Support: $75.00
    per request for any of the following:

    • Online Shipment Processing – other than UPS (FedEx, DHL, USPS, etc)
    • Shipping Document Preparation & Submittals
    • Export Documents Requests
    • Weight & Size Submittal Requests
    • Freight related Scheduling
    • Other ‘post-shipment’ requests
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