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Stuart White, Mix Engineer Stuart White on the AttackWall

Within the cozy confines of his AttackWall, Grammy nominated recording engineer Stuart White keeps on mixing the hits. A ten year veteran of the NYC studio scene, Stuart has worked with everyone, from bands like Guns N’ Roses to singers like Alicia Keys. Famously, he works regularly with Beyoncé, contributing to her critically acclaimed and Grammy nominated album Beyoncé in 2014.

“You kind of hear a detail in the AttackWall that you don’t get from other situations. You know, one of the first records that we played in here, not a record that I worked on but just a record that I love, Beastie Boys- Check Ya Head. And you know, I’m hearing it and, now I’ve listened to this record a million times. And I’m hearing subtlety in the delay and the panning and the imaging and the delay and some of the tricks that the engineer mixer did, Mario – shout out to Mario Calzada Jr. And just hearing music over again, music you’ve been listening to your whole life, and you playing and suddenly you’re like ‘wow, I never notice that back there!

But it’s so clear hearing it with the AttackWall. Some studios are like that, some aren’t. But with the AttackWall, it’s like that every time. ‘Cause that’s kind of what it does.

Low end stuff is really tight.I do a lot of low end stuff when I’m mixing. 808s have to be knocking. Always. And the tightness of the way my speakers sound [in the AttackWall] and the clarity of the low end, not only the high end, allow just to get right to it, you know what I mean. I’m not guessing like “where’s 50 [Hz] at, where’s 100 [Hz] at?” I just know, I just go right to it. Which is freaking awesome, man.

Like any engineer knows, nothing is worse than battling a room you’re not comfortable in. Or you’re battling a situation where you’re hearing one thing and you know it’s doing another and then you’ve got to do a math equation in your head to figure out what it’s going to sound like in another place.

With the AttackWall, I can’t imagine having that problem ’cause it just kind of creates its own little sound field where ever you are.”

Stuart White is a recording engineer in New York City. He has worked everywhere from Quad Recording Studios to Premier Studios to Kings Landing. In 2012, White worked with Fun. on their Grammy-nominated record Some Nights. In 2014, he worked on Beyoncé’s self-titled album which earned her a Grammy-nomination for Album of the Year. He’s worked with artists such as:

  • Alicia Keys
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Beyoncé
  • Jay Z
  • Michael Bolton
  • Guns N’ Roses
  • Fun.
  • K’naan
  • Nas
  • The Dream
  • Travis Porter
  • Mary J. Blige


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