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For superior acoustic qualities, improved STC and NRC, WallWool outperforms fiberglass for interior wall sound absorption and isolation. WallWool is made from ceramic fiber and contains none of the glue or formaldehyde found in fiberglass.

ASC WallWool Batting has been formulated to provide maximum sound attenuation in a relatively thin package. There is no fiberglass resin adhesive in this material and no odor. It combines refractory wool that has twice the acoustic efficiency of acoustic fiberglass panels with an acoustically transparent envelope. The result is that the highly fibrous, non-asbestos sound-absorbing material is contained in an easy-to-apply insulation batting.

WallWool is 1″ thick and comes in 16″ or 24″ widths, custom lengths up to 10′. Due to the lack of binder glue, we encase the product in a Tyvek type of material. It can be ordered one-sided, two-sided or without any backing depending on your special needs.

1″ x 2′ x 25′ roll w/mounting tabs

In high-power audio applications, the interior surface of the room can no longer be used as a soundproofing element. It is converted into an isolation wall that has damping added. It becomes a giant membrane bass trap for the subwoofer range of sound while continuing to load the woofer bass range of sound and softening major room modes.

The soundproofing component, if needed, is a specially constructed, bass-proof wall located on the other side of the interior working wall. From simple soundproofing projects to complex professional sound conditioning/proofing projects, we continue to develop and provide the products, engineering services and project materials needed to get your job done right…right, the first time.

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