DoorSeal Kit


How it Works

The DoorSeal relies on a special high density woven 3/16” technical felt. The goal is to surround the door with a wiper seal for an easy, elegant flow through, just like any typical door. Then we add damping to deaden tympanic vibration, and mass in the form of sheetrock to stop sound. Because the door is surrounded by a felt wiper, a threshold is required and we provide a threshold in every kit.

The DoorSeal Kit is typically used for home recording studios, home theaters, HiFi listening rooms or music practice rooms. If you want to earn some “sweat equity” and are reasonably handy, the DoorSeal Kit may be for you.


Soundproofing requires a tightly sealed door to keep sound contained within a desired space. The ASC DoorSeal kit allows you to convert any solid wood door into a soundproof door, for a fraction of the cost of a new “soundproof” door.

The DoorSeal Kit provides everything you need except the sheetrock. Included in the kit is a special technical felt for a complete full perimeter seal, WallDamp strips and squares, and an aluminum threshold. Full instructions are provided as well.

Sound proof any wooden door! If you have a wooden door, you can install the DoorSeal Kit and achieve an STC of 42 (estimated). A person screaming on the other side of the door can barely be heard. By installing a “double” (dual wiper seals), expect an STC of 65 (estimated). A person screaming can not be heard at all through this door. If your door has lites or panels, they must be filled in prior to instalation.

The most common soundproofing problem in most rooms is the door. It is the weakest link when it comes to sound containment. You could buy an expensive “soundproof door”, or you can save the remodel expense and get an ASC DoorSeal Kit for a fraction of the price of a new door.

Keep your existing door, and get excellent soundproofing results too.


  • Soundproofing
  • DIY Solutions


What Is Included?

Each Kit comes with Felt Wiper Gaskets, WallDamp Squares and Strips, Self-stick Foam Pads, and an optional Threshold. You supply the wooden door, 1/2” sheetrock, carpenter’s glue, construction adhesive, and any additional trim.

  1. WallDamp Strips
  2. WallDamp Squares
  3. 1″ Felt Gasket
  4. Self-stick Foam Pads
  5. 3/4″ Felt Gasket
  6. Installation Guide
  7. Threshold (optional)

The Threshold is a low-profile handicap accessible model which is recommended for most installations.

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