High performance audio rooms are so quiet inside and so acoustically fast in response that as the music plays, sounds and tones come and go quickly. When a tone slightly shakes the floating wall, which happens to be the same frequency as the resonance of the supporting stud, the stud is stimulated onto movement.


  • Soundproofing
  • Acoustic Treatment



R25 insulation will virtually eliminate all midrange and treble frequencies. Attenuating bass frequencies is a whole different ball game. Bass frequencies can set your drywall into a resonant rampage. Since wooden studs are connected to the drywall, the studs can also resonate as well. Thus the bass can be transmitted throughout the entire house. That’s where dRC-1 sound channels can help…a lot!

The above sound channels are positioned between the drywall and the studs. The sound channels act as a buffer and absorb the bass vibrations without transmitting too much bass to the studs. This is where ASC wall damp pads are useful. The wall damp pads are very effective in turning bass vibrations into heat.

Adhesive and step by step instructions are also included. You provide the studs, drywall, insulation, screws, and elbow grease.

When resilient channel is treated with dRC-1 you get a “one-two” punch when it comes to stopping low frequency sound penetration. Low frequency sound produced by subwoofers is the most difficult to deal with and has nothing to do with STC ratings.

For Ceiling And Wall Systems

For basement home theaters, high end listening rooms and recording studios, the ceiling is often the biggest concern. Our dRC-1 has design features that actually enhance the acoustic properties within the treated room. When walls and ceilings are fully treated with this, sound is contained and low frequency sound vibration is converted into heat energy, never to be heard from again. This is ideal for any high powered audio application.

Easy to Install

dRC-1 is easy to install when you follow our included instructions and recommendations. You supply the sheetrock and screws, we supply everything else. Shipping is fast and simple too, typically via UPS for most projects. Installation doesn’t require a college degree, special inspections or special tools.


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