16 CoolTraps per box. The modular 12” x 12” size opens up nearly unlimited possibilities for use on walls and ceilings.

ASC’s CoolTrap is a basic “building block” for architects and interior designers concerned about the acoustic properties of their designs, the CoolTrap provides specular (softly scattered) treble diffusion from 250 Hz to 4 kHz, which gives smooth vocal range absorption.


  • Hifi Rooms
  • Home Theaters
  • Commercial – Conference Rooms and Classrooms
  • Pro Audio  – Mixing and Recording Studios

Let creativity be your guide as you assemble the layout of your choice.  CoolTraps are designed to work in any orientation, and work equally well on walls and ceilings.

The CoolTrap fits into many applications. But here is a very unusual one. A customer had an old fashioned deep coffer ceiling. This deep millwork acts to hold the sound right where it is being made, loudly overhead. Adding a sound panel to the flat coffered ceiling surface overhead would make the area below way too quiet, and stand out in high contrast to the reflective rest of the ceiling. They wanted something smoother and yet significantly reduce the overhead loudness.


With the CoolTraps attached to the face of the raised panel part of the coffered ceiling, a calm sense of quiet was established. The diffusion provided by the CoolTrap kept the energy up below the ceiling but not overly bright. Now the ceiling has a smooth and stable soundfield in the area below the traps.


A little story…

The CoolTrap was conceived by an architect helping to design a mobile audio truck for a very large audio company.  This large, diverse company makes top-of-the-line professional audio gear including mixing consoles, monitor speakers, recording devices, and PA systems.  They also make fine pianos, drum kits, and even motorcycles.  As one would expect from such a successful company, they insisted on the best appearance and sound quality in their mobile pro audio demo truck.

The designer knew that the demo rooms would be used by several people simultaneously, so the “sweet spot” would have to be huge in order for everyone to experience the audio gear at its finest.  Additionally, the hard, rigid walls used in the construction of the truck were mostly parallel and untreated – a recipe for comb filtering, flutter echo, and general sonic chaos.  The next limitation was the particular appearance of the treatment: it had to fit within the existing decor that the architect and marketing experts had established.  Finally, as is so often the case when people call ASC for custom solutions, 400 square feet of a brand new product were needed in three weeks.

Standard sound absorbing panels were out, since they were not diffusive enough to provide a large enough “sweet spot.”  TubeTraps were out because of truck size restraints and excessive weight.  Studio poly-diffusers were not practical because of limited wall space, but they gave us an idea to work with.

After some brainstorming between the on-site Architect and ASC engineers, project managers, and production crew, a visual design was submitted by the Architect which had been approved by the client.  This slick little device was basically a narrow studio poly, cut short with beveled ends.  As we fumbled and scrambled through prototypes, we arrived at the proper combination of materials and adhesives to bring the vision to life.  A CoolTrap test unit was submitted, and everyone loved it!

ASC went to work building jigs and fixtures, and completed one pallet worth of units at a time, and shipped them out to be installed in the truck.

Absorption Coefficients

(testing done in-house by ASC)

125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1000Hz 2000Hz 4000Hz 8000Hz
0.116 0.689 0.914 0.890 0.773 0.672 0.514

Custom Fabric Colors

Any product using our Guilford Stock Fabrics can have one of our custom fabrics ordered.

Custom Fabric Pricing is 10% additional, minimum $175/order 


Order Cost Custom Fabric Cost    Total
$2,500.00 $250.00 $2,750.00
$218.00 $175.00 $393.00

NOTE: Some lighter-colored fabrics can incur additional sub-charges for hue matching.

Custom fabric does not impact shipping costs or product weight.

We carry many custom colors in our factory, but this is not guaranteed.  Orders requesting custom fabric will require 1-4 weeks lead time based on availability.  Contact us for details and availability.

TubeTrap Endcaps

These are painted gloss black with texture lacquer.



CoolTrap (110 Hz)

12″x 12″

(16 per box) $1,259.00

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