Why do I need acoustics?


Even the greatest engineer working with the best equipment can’t overcome a poor-sounding room and they will ask themselves “Why do I need acoustics?” If you want to take your project or professional recording studio to the next level, it is critical to address the acoustic treatment of the room with proven recording studio gear such as bass traps, TubeTraps, StudioTraps, soundproofing, SoundPanels, a QuickSoundField or AttackWall.

Acoustical room treatments aim to improve sound quality within a given space by controlling the way sound is reflected, absorbed, and diffused by the interior surfaces. … Overdoing the absorption can lead to a dead-sounding space, but not having enough can result in too much reverberation and unwanted echo.

If you will, imagine that sound is like an infinite number of really small rubber balls. If they were to all get simultaneously pelted in every direction at the highly reflective interior surfaces of a room, well, to put it mildly, all hell would break loose.

So we need to turn hard, flat surfaces like walls and ceilings into sponges that can absorb some of the sound energy, but we can also add curved diffusers that alter the surface of walls or ceilings. This helps to scatter sound, thereby reducing echo, while still retaining some of the natural reflections that we use to make sense of our spacial positions.

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