What is the best acoustic treatment I can get?


The question of what is the best acoustic treatment I can get is asked all the time? This will depend on your particular application.

If you are an audiophile looking to improve your Hifi system playback, look at our Hifi page

If you are working in a Recording or Mixing Studio, if you are looking for a completely portable system, the AttackWall and QuickSoundField is the answer.

Residential and commercial sound sources are voices, and voices tend to be fairly weak in the deep bass range. Audio sound sources, typically subwoofers, are very powerful in the deep bass region. The difference between typical Residential/commercial Soundproofing and Audio Soundproofing is how the deep bass range of sound is handled.

Standard Residential/commercial Soundproofing standards are specified by the STC rating Sound Transmission Coefficients. which measures the soundproof quality of the wall in the voice range of sound 100 Hz thru 4,000 Hz, just over 5 octaves in the middle range of sound.

Audio Soundproofing performance is measures soundproof quality throughout the entire 10 octave range of sound 20 Hz to 20k Hz. The most difficult part of Audio Soundproofing involves Bass Range Soundproofing, the first 2 octaves of sound, 20 to 80 Hz. And that is our specialty, AudioRange Soundproofing.

There are two conditions for soundproofing to work. Reflect and then Absorb the unwanted sound. In residential/commercial work the sound is reflected back into the room where it came from and absorbed by wall friction, carpets and sometimes acoustic ceiling tiles. In Audio Soundproofing the Bass Range of sound cannot be reflected back into the room, it has to be absorbed within the walls of the room.

Check our specialty products which have been designed and manufactured to meet specific needs. Otherwise, every room is different and we recommend consulting with us to find the best solution to your particular situation. What is the best acoustic treatment I can get? Call us today and let’s find out.


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