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ASC invented a great way to take advantage of an open web truss ceiling

Acoustic engineers often specify baffle systems in large open spaces where the walls can’t be used for acoustic control. Baffle systems maintain bright local ambiance while limiting noise from across the room.

The Truss Panel is Ideal For

  • Restaurants
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Foyers & Lobbies with Open Grid Ceilings
  • Waiting Areas
  • Any large noisy area with Open Grid Ceilings


Why the TrussPanel? Typical baffles are grommet mounted on wires or cables and work well for informal spaces such as gyms, pools, etc. We applied the baffle principle using an open truss ceiling as the support system for the Panels. ASC Engineering will design an acoustic plan based on your needs and calculate how many TrussPanels are required.

The TrussPanel is grooved to rest firmly on the angled legs of the truss, making them virtually disappear, yet improving the sound dramatically. ASC custom sizes the TrussPanel to fit your truss ceiling perfectly. ASC also invented a tool that enables easy installation without having to leave the ground.

For restaurants, we want to maintain a lively, natural sounding room ambiance while minimizing “crosstalk”. A side benefit is that the acoustics are hidden from view. People don’t even know the acoustics are there, but they certainly do notice the improved acoustics.


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