IsoTile Ceiling Panel

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The IsoTile Ceiling Panel is designed to isolate and absorb ceiling transmitted noise in both directions. Just drop in place on top of your existing acoustic ceiling tiles. ASC’s IsoTile is engineered to block and absorb sound.

Noise from the floor above is isolated and absorbed by the top half of the IsoTile. At the same time, noise from the room below is isolated and absorbed by the bottom half of the IsoTile. The soundproof rating for IsoTile on top of acoustic ceiling tile is approximately STC 35.Isolating Partition Walls with IsoTileThe IsoTile Ceiling Panel can be used to isolate partition walls for both new construction and as a retrofit to existing construction.

The easiest way for a suspended ceiling to be installed is without any partition walls. Typically, partition walls go in after the suspended ceiling is complete, and they stop just short of the ceiling tile, leaving a small gap. Sound is collected in the newly formed corner, just like a megaphone collects sound. This concentrated sound pressure is then sent through the gap where it is released on the other side, again just like a megaphone.

Sound can leak through a partition via 4 possible paths. Potential sources include through the wall (1.), through the top plate gap (2.), through the ACT (acoustic ceiling tile) (3.), or through the cavity above the ACT. Even if there is no plate gap, or the gap is sealed with caulk, sound still goes through the ceiling tile and jumps over the wall. We call this flanking sound transmission (2., 3., and 4.), and every partition wall in a suspended ceiling office suffers from these shortcomings unless they are addressed. Complaints go out to the contractor who apologetically tells the client that nothing can be done about it. ASC has a better answer.

Noise is blocked and absorbed by the IsoTile. Even so, sound can transmit through ceiling tiles and the partition wall via resonant transmission. ASC Engineering studied the question, and used IsoTile to address the issues of flanking and resonance. ASC designed engineered assemblies for both existing as well as new partition walls.

Both new construction and retrofit of existing construction can benefit from the addition of IsoTile partition walls. We estimate an STC of better than 45 with IsoTile, compared to an STC of 30-33 for typical partitions. That is a big improvement.


The IsoTile Ceiling Panel is 2’ x 2’ tiles that are 4.25″ thick (metric as well please inquire). Your installers can cut as needed to fit odd sizes or mechanical openings for sprinklers, vents or lights. Ceilings conditioned with these ASC panels look the same as ordinary ceilings, but sound much better. The Panels are constructed using two layers of fire rated 2” acoustic fiberglass sandwiched around a single 1/4” sheet of drywall. Each is completely covered with a non-combustible spun-bonded polyester fabric which prevents glass fibers from shedding into the environment. A key design element is the fact that the IsoTile is suspended on top of the existing acoustic ceiling tile.

IsoTile Ceiling Panel Applications

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