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Gene’s love for music started at a very early age when he was exposed to jazz music. In 1966 Gene started playing guitar and eventually played in local bands. His interest in music led him into electronics in high school in 1968.

In a short time, Gene was scratch building tube guitar amplifiers and speaker cabinets. He also started a business repairing guitar amplifiers and sound equipment for many music stores in the Diablo Valley and expanded into large concert sound systems and permanent sound system installs under the name Brandt Sound.

He continued his audio career in recording studios and audio for video production. Sound systems and design continued as his hobby and side jobs as he changed careers. He worked in automated testing, high-speed instrumentation and finally 26 years at Siemens Medical, where he worked in many engineering departments, field service, managed final testing, and was a technical instructor for servicing medical linear accelerators.

Today Gene has a new business consulting in acoustics and sound system design, electronic repair, audio training and video systems. Gene has attended many seminars from Syn-Aud-Con, Meyer Sound, Sennheiser and others. He is a member of the Audio Engineering Society and Syn-Aud-Con.

Brandt Audio & Acoustics
2112 Knollwood Dr
Martinez California 94553
United States


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