ASC has been and continues to be the sole manufacturer of TubeTraps since their inception in 1984.  TubeTraps, other bass traps and a wide assortment of over 100 specialty audio acoustic products and devices can be purchased factory direct.

Every standard TubeTrap comes with a 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like it, send it back and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

We manufacture a wide variety of TubeTraps and every one of them is hand made by hand in our own 10,000 sqft workshop in Eugene, Oregon. Each product is air tight and fiber sealed and fits an exact acoustic and physical specification.

Our original TubeTrap, back in 1985, was 9" diameter and 3' long. Our current standard TubeTrap product line includes 9”, 11”, 13”, 16” 20” and 24” diameter models. They all utilize the same patented RC-circuit bass trapping technology and treble range diffuser panel as our original model. The larger diameter units provide more sound absorbing power because of their larger surface area and a lower roll off frequency because of their increased internal volume .

We do have a dedicated Original Tube Trap product line which is exclusively distributed through most domestic hifi dealers and select international distributors. Call the factory 800 ASC TUBE (373 8823) for additional details and price lists. We do not have on line ordering or buying at this time.


 9X4 FRTT 9” TubeTrap 9” 4 ft 110 Hz
11X4 FRTT 11” TubeTrap 11” 4 ft 90 Hz
13X4 FRTT 13” TubeTrap 13” 4 ft 70 Hz
16X4 FRTT 16” TubeTrap 16” 4 ft 55 Hz
20X4 FRTT 20” TubeTrap 20” 4 ft 40 Hz


Guilford 701 Swatches

Stock Colors - Guilford of Maine FR701

  • Black (408)
  • Silver Papier (538)
  • Grey Mix (238)
  • Medium Grey (298)
  • Quartz (380)