Your Room Sound

Your Room Sound is Always Important. You receive this newsletter because you love great sound. But just because you love great sound doesn't mean [...]

Your Room Sound2021-10-22T11:51:36-07:00

Avalon Speakers and ASC TubeTraps

As one of the world's best speaker manufacturers, Avalon recommends the use of ASC TubeTraps in concert with all their speaker lines. Shown above [...]

Avalon Speakers and ASC TubeTraps2021-10-05T11:34:22-07:00

ASC Origins: The TubeTrap

The patented TubeTrap, where did it all begin? For decades hifi rooms and recording studios have been using TubeTraps to enrich their audio sound. [...]

ASC Origins: The TubeTrap2021-09-24T11:51:20-07:00

Sonic Clarity vs. Frequency Response

We know how to measure the frequency response of our audio playback systems thanks to various software packages available for free, along with fairly [...]

Sonic Clarity vs. Frequency Response2021-09-10T11:50:31-07:00

Playing a Long and Narrow Room Properly

If your audio room is quite long and fairly narrow, this tip applies to you.  If your audio room also has a peaked ceiling that [...]

Playing a Long and Narrow Room Properly2021-08-06T11:36:31-07:00

Seeing Sound with Your Ears

Article by Arthur Noxon, PE Acoustical Engineer "See" Sound...with your Ears Relentless pursuit of the "holy trinity" of high-end audiophile listening (musicality, sound stage, and [...]

Seeing Sound with Your Ears2021-07-14T09:10:36-07:00

Free Your Speakers

The past year has been a trying one for many of us. While things may be getting back to normal across many aspects [...]

Free Your Speakers2021-07-02T12:04:05-07:00

Sound Masking from Head End Ringing

Heads & Masks No, we're not getting a jump start on Halloween or planning a masquerade opera. We are building upon last week's discussion of [...]

Sound Masking from Head End Ringing2021-06-04T17:11:50-07:00

How is a TubeTrap different than thick foam?

The Origins of Greatness We've looked at portions of this article before. Maybe you even followed the link and read the whole thing. Or maybe, [...]

How is a TubeTrap different than thick foam?2021-04-24T14:38:51-07:00

ASC TubeTraps

Originally published in August 2001 by Bryan Southard Introduction Acoustic Sciences Corporation, more commonly known as ASC, has been manufacturing acoustic room treatment devices [...]

ASC TubeTraps2021-06-30T13:03:18-07:00
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