Your Studio’s Performance

Yes, FFT analysis has gotten pretty inexpensive since those early days in the mid 1980’s when we had to buy the Crown Techron 12 or [...]

Your Studio’s Performance2022-03-11T11:59:17-08:00

Acoustic Shadowing

As we've shared, sometimes the best room treatment is to create a room within a room, or put another way, an "acoustic subspace". This applies [...]

Acoustic Shadowing2021-12-08T09:39:29-08:00

Acoustic Space and Time

Need Some Acoustic Space and Time? At Acoustic Sciences Corporation we're known for our world-class, patented acoustic treatments for Hi-fi and Pro Audio environments. [...]

Acoustic Space and Time2022-02-21T09:07:32-08:00

Brian Vibberts and the QuickSoundField

Seven-time Grammy winner, Brian “Dr. Vibb” Vibberts has participated in the making of albums with over 250 Grammy Nominations and 65 Grammy Award Winners. [...]

Brian Vibberts and the QuickSoundField2022-07-12T09:14:28-07:00

ASC QuickSoundField

At ASC, we design and deliver acoustic solutions for the studio engineer and the discriminating HiFi listener (among a plethora of other users and [...]

ASC QuickSoundField2022-02-08T12:02:36-08:00


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