Stereo Imaging Audio

Stereo imaging in audio is always an interesting topic amongst audiophiles. Join us this week as we are happy to share a snippet from [...]

Stereo Imaging Audio2023-01-27T11:37:08-08:00

StereoSonic Image Training Exercises

"Here's an experiment, call it stereosonic image training. I have developed this and it works. Its purpose is to get a person who is used [...]

StereoSonic Image Training Exercises2022-03-04T11:46:26-08:00

Seeing Sound with Your Ears

Article by Arthur Noxon, PE Acoustical Engineer "See" Sound...with your Ears Relentless pursuit of the "holy trinity" of high-end audiophile listening (musicality, sound stage, and [...]

Seeing Sound with Your Ears2022-02-08T11:57:08-08:00
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