The Ripple Tank – Pt. 5

This week we continue our Ripple Tank series with another snippet of an important thesis paper, one that launched the career path of ASC founder, president [...]

The Ripple Tank – Pt. 52023-06-30T14:24:18-07:00

The Ripple Tank Pt. 2

Synesthesia (layperson's narrow definition): seeing sound That is really the crux of the matter for this conversation: using your eyes to perceive what sound waves [...]

The Ripple Tank Pt. 22023-06-09T11:14:01-07:00

Timing Still Matters

Let's talk about why timing still matters. ASC adopted a unique method of measuring the "musicality" of a listening space. This week we look [...]

Timing Still Matters2022-10-10T08:58:30-07:00
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