Sound Quality & Audio Measurements

Art Noxon, PE Acoustical is ASC's founder & inventor of the TubeTrap. This week Art discusses audio measurements in relation to sound quality. Enjoy. [...]

Sound Quality & Audio Measurements2022-09-16T11:45:31-07:00

Listening Room Development

When one listens to a set of loudspeakers, over 99% of the sound wave emitted from the speaker expands in all directions other than toward [...]

Listening Room Development2022-04-29T11:05:56-07:00

Improve Your Listening Room

The Chain is Only as Strong as its Weakest Link This week enjoy this article from ASC founder & president, Art Noxon, PE written for [...]

Improve Your Listening Room2022-02-25T11:55:47-08:00

Room Breakup

Room Breakup: the Audiophile’s Curse You care deeply about sound quality and the joy it brings. You've gone to great lengths to optimize all the [...]

Room Breakup2022-02-16T12:02:13-08:00

Measurements & Sound Quality

Do Audio Measurements Correlate with Sound Quality? Sometimes yes, but usually not, depending on the kind or version of the Audio Measurement being made. My [...]

Measurements & Sound Quality2021-12-30T11:27:34-08:00

Audio Measurements & Sound Quality

ASC President and TubeTrap Inventor, Art Noxon, PE shares his knowledge on the subject. (Originally posted on AVS forum, Dec 2013). Do Audio Measurements [...]

Audio Measurements & Sound Quality2022-02-16T11:59:55-08:00


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