The Sonic Island

A Recording Engineer's perspective of the Quick Sound Field (QSF) by Neil Henderson, Equus Recording  View as PDF "There are no [...]

The Sonic Island2023-11-20T10:36:38-08:00

The Ripple Tank Pt. 6

This week we continue our Ripple Tank series with another snippet of an important thesis paper, one that launched the career path of ASC founder, president [...]

The Ripple Tank Pt. 62023-07-07T14:45:46-07:00

The Queen of Rock ‘n Roll

We were saddened to learn of the passing of the Queen of Rock 'n Roll, Tina Turner, this week. So, to honor her memory in [...]

The Queen of Rock ‘n Roll2023-05-26T12:12:13-07:00

Speaker Positioning For Maximum Sound

What does this mean? Read on as ASC founder, president and TubeTrap inventor, Art Noxon, PE discusses speaker positioning for maximum sound – as [...]

Speaker Positioning For Maximum Sound2023-05-05T11:44:50-07:00

Development of a Hi-fi Room pt. 1

To establish a reference baseline for the following discussion of Hi-fi listening, it is helpful to skim an article published in Stereophile: The View [...]

Development of a Hi-fi Room pt. 12023-03-24T11:54:44-07:00

Anti-Mode, Anti-Cancel Sub Setup

This week's discussion continues our quest to find the optimal placement for the subwoofer. We are using a hypothetical room with typical dimensions, in [...]

Anti-Mode, Anti-Cancel Sub Setup2023-03-17T11:35:33-07:00

And Now… TubeTraps

At ASC, we do not focus on overall RT60 reduction or fixing your room's frequency response curve. To us, the music is what matters [...]

And Now… TubeTraps2023-02-24T11:57:30-08:00

Circuit Analysis for TubeTraps

This week we see some of the science behind your favorite bass trap. Strap on your Electrical Engineering cap and enjoy this excerpt from [...]

Circuit Analysis for TubeTraps2023-02-17T11:57:17-08:00

Lets Talk About Sound Masking

Enjoy this excerpt from the comprehensive white paper on TubeTraps written by Art Noxon, PE Acoustical The best sound masking sound is a sound that sounds [...]

Lets Talk About Sound Masking2023-02-10T12:02:38-08:00

How to Get the Most Out of Your Room

The mechanical properties of a TubeTrap's one-of-a-kind diffuser provide a slightly "softened" reflection, perfect for spaciousness enhancement. In order to take full advantage of [...]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Room2023-01-20T12:12:41-08:00


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