ASC Origins: The TubeTrap

The patented TubeTrap, where did it all begin? For decades hifi rooms and recording studios have been using TubeTraps to enrich their audio sound. [...]

ASC Origins: The TubeTrap2021-12-08T09:24:22-08:00

Sonic Clarity vs. Frequency Response

Let's talk Sonic Clarity vs. Frequency Response. We know how to measure the frequency response of our audio playback systems thanks to various software [...]

Sonic Clarity vs. Frequency Response2022-01-04T10:13:48-08:00

Art in Articulation

Without properly hearing the transient content on the original recording, your playback will lack the detail and power that was captured. This week we [...]

Art in Articulation2021-12-30T11:45:09-08:00

Acoustic Shadowing

As we've shared, sometimes the best room treatment is to create a room within a room, or put another way, an "acoustic subspace". This applies [...]

Acoustic Shadowing2021-12-08T09:39:29-08:00

Who What Where When and Why of the QuickSoundField

We're talking Who, What, Where, When and Why of the QuickSoundField. In 2006, New England Digital contacted us about a digital sampling booth. Traditional dry [...]

Who What Where When and Why of the QuickSoundField2022-01-04T11:13:39-08:00
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