Head End Ringing

The term Head End Ringing coined by ASC President Art Noxon, succinctly describes a complicated phenomenon that destroys the articulation and intelligibility of your [...]

Head End Ringing2022-02-08T10:52:16-08:00

Improving the Quality of Musical Playback

We all know TubeTraps make our rooms sound better. They make music more enjoyable and make our mixes translate accurately. They harness the wild beast [...]

Improving the Quality of Musical Playback2022-02-08T11:17:10-08:00

Large Room Acoustics: The Timing of Reflections

Timing is Everything... ...in engines, in investing, in acoustics...and in many aspects of life. It's time to talk about Large Room Acoustics: The Timing of [...]

Large Room Acoustics: The Timing of Reflections2022-02-08T11:30:18-08:00

The Upgrade Plateau

Always Reaching Higher Audiophiles are dedicated, sometimes fanatically, to the continual improvement and refinement of their sound systems to increase the quality of the sound. [...]

The Upgrade Plateau2022-02-08T09:35:59-08:00

Case Study: HiFi in a Living Room

Real-World Rooms: Where We Live Some have the luxury of building a dedicated listening room from the ground up, taking care to isolate, decouple, damp, [...]

Case Study: HiFi in a Living Room2022-02-10T10:34:04-08:00

Let’s Talk About NRC

Large Room Acoustics Let's Talk About NRC! This week we take a step out of our relatively small listening rooms and studios and think about [...]

Let’s Talk About NRC2022-02-21T09:31:21-08:00

Acoustic Room Speed

Why Do I Need a Fast Room? Let's talk Acoustic Room Speed, but let's remember: the room is the last link in your audio [...]

Acoustic Room Speed2022-02-21T09:54:03-08:00

ASC’s Early Days: the 1980’s

Ah, the old times, ASC's Early Days: the 1980's. Sometimes it is good to remember. Sometimes to learn, sometimes to grimace, and sometimes to simply [...]

ASC’s Early Days: the 1980’s2022-02-21T10:53:53-08:00

When Space is a Premium

ASC's AcousticSoffit: Wall Panel, Bass Trap, and Lateral Diffuser in One! Some audio playback rooms can really benefit from bass traps in the high-pressure corners. [...]

When Space is a Premium2022-02-10T10:23:49-08:00

Get That HiFi Sound…with That Built-In Look

To You, Room Sound is Always Important! If you did not value the sound quality in your listening or studio room, you would not be [...]

Get That HiFi Sound…with That Built-In Look2022-02-21T10:44:15-08:00


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