Bass Trap Placement

Art Noxon, PE Acoustical is ASC's founder & inventor of the TubeTrap. This week Art discusses bass trap placement in your Hifi room. Enjoy! We’ve been pioneering, [...]

Bass Trap Placement2022-09-30T11:19:07-07:00

Art Noxon on Room Modes

Art Noxon, PE Acoustical is ASC's founder & inventor of the TubeTrap. This week Art discusses room modes and their effect on your Hifi [...]

Art Noxon on Room Modes2022-09-23T11:44:07-07:00

Long, Narrow Room Acoustics

If your audio room... ...presents a challenge of long, narrow room acoustics, this tip applies to you. If your audio room also has a [...]

Long, Narrow Room Acoustics2022-02-08T12:06:46-08:00

The Power of TubeTraps

We often discuss head-end ringing extensively. Why? Because you can add diffusers, thin wall absorbers, rear wall traps, resonators, and more... but your room [...]

The Power of TubeTraps2022-02-09T10:22:51-08:00

Your Room Sound

Your Room Sound is Always Important. You receive this newsletter because you love great sound. But just because you love great sound doesn't mean [...]

Your Room Sound2022-02-08T11:41:32-08:00

Stonehenge Acoustics and ASC’s QuickSoundField

Let's talk about Stonehenge Acoustics and ASC's QuickSoundField. The Neolithic monument in southern England known as Stonehenge has a 4500 year history that is [...]

Stonehenge Acoustics and ASC’s QuickSoundField2022-02-08T11:28:21-08:00


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