The Power of TubeTraps

We often discuss head-end ringing extensively. Why? Because you can add diffusers, thin wall absorbers, rear wall traps, resonators, and more... but your room [...]

The Power of TubeTraps2021-12-10T09:04:49-08:00

Timing is Everything

We all know timing is important. We may not always appreciate the degree to which it applies to room acoustics, both large and small. [...]

Timing is Everything2021-12-08T10:43:47-08:00

Sonic Clarity vs. Frequency Response

Let's talk Sonic Clarity vs. Frequency Response. We know how to measure the frequency response of our audio playback systems thanks to various software [...]

Sonic Clarity vs. Frequency Response2022-01-04T10:13:48-08:00
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