Lateral Sound Reflections II

Continued Education... This week we continue with an electronic rendition of a page from the notebook of ASC Founder and TubeTrap inventor Art Noxon, Acoustical PE. Art [...]

Lateral Sound Reflections II2024-07-15T12:10:00-07:00

Lateral Sound Reflections

Watch out! Strong lateral reflections can hurt! The text is presented below to supplement the original from ASC Founder and TubeTrap inventor Art Noxon, [...]

Lateral Sound Reflections2024-07-01T08:46:46-07:00

Making a Room Sound BIG!

How to Create Sonic Spaciousness in Your Room View the original notes From the notebook of ASC Founder and TubeTrap inventor [...]

Making a Room Sound BIG!2024-06-06T11:10:34-07:00

Importance of Listening Room Speed

Why do I need a "fast" room? Remember: the room is the last link in your audio playback signal chain so we realize the [...]

Importance of Listening Room Speed2024-05-17T12:17:43-07:00

Improve Your Musical Playback Quality

TubeTraps make our listening rooms sound better. They make music more enjoyable and make our mixes translate accurately. They harness [...]

Improve Your Musical Playback Quality2024-05-03T12:12:48-07:00

AttackWall May Be Your Answer

by Mike Thornton at   Need Temporary Acoustic Treatment? ASC’s AttackWall May Be Your Answer Working From Home? [...]

AttackWall May Be Your Answer2024-05-17T09:54:46-07:00

Art Noxon at AES 2015

W3 – Low Frequency Behavior in Small High Accuracy Listening Environments Listen to Art’s talk: [...]

Art Noxon at AES 20152024-04-25T08:48:14-07:00

Art’s Talk at Burning Amp

Art Noxon provided a video lecture for this year’s Burning Amp Festival Attendees. Read the quick summary below, then watch [...]

Art’s Talk at Burning Amp2024-06-10T12:04:20-07:00

Art Noxon on Room Modes

Art Noxon, PE Acoustical is ASC's founder and president, plus the inventor of the iconic TubeTrap, the world's first portable & modular corner loaded bass trap. [...]

Art Noxon on Room Modes2024-03-08T12:11:52-08:00

2 Dudes Audio visits ASC at NAMM 2024

2 Dudes Audio visits with ASC at NAMM '24 and check out the AttackWall and QuickSoundField at the 6h 35m mark. [...]

2 Dudes Audio visits ASC at NAMM 20242024-05-30T09:44:22-07:00
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