Arthur Noxon, P.E.


Art Noxon founded ASC in 1984 when he invented the famous bass trap, the TubeTrap. He is world renowned for his work in acoustics, and holds numerous patents for acoustical products. Art continues his work in R&D, and still finds time for clients.

Pearl Chang


Pearl helps keep the business end of things running smoothly. She has been with ASC for over 20 years, and is the one to make sure the work gets done. Otherwise, we'd just listen to music all day...

Marcus Thompson


Marcus joined ASC in 1999, and brings 20 years of experience in managing daily business operations. He likes the small company atmosphere of ASC, where no two days are the same. He helps with sales and various projects, in addition to overseeing the coordination between departments.

John Duerscheidt


With meticulous disposition, John is the one who ensures that your acoustic goods are packaged gently and securely to make a safe and timely journey from our door to yours.

Chris Klein


Chris has worked in the field of Acoustics for over 15 years, with variety of companies including a prior stint with ASC, Owens-Corning, and Acoustic Room Systems. (He also plays a mean saxophone!)

Jordan Goulette


Jordan Goulette is the project manager for most of our custom jobs. Equally comfortable wielding a mouse as he is a tablesaw, Jordan's multifarious talents augment our work from design to production.

Steve Weersing


A second generation audiophile, Steve watched his father building speakers and modifying audio equipment as a child. As a hifi salesman, he served the high-end stereo, home theater, and car audio markets. Steve is truly "Bound for Sound!"



For over five years Victor has put his attention to detail to good use hand-finishing ASC products. When he isn't putting all the flourishes on TubeTraps and SoundPanels, he's cooking up darkwave with his band, Black Magdalene

Teagan White


Teagan works hard to keep up with the demand for TubeTraps, whether he's assembling exoskeletons or drilling end-caps. He's got it down to an art form after doing it for almost a  year now. He is also an ambitious entrepreneur in the music world.

Alec Daigle


Alec works hard to keep up with the demand for our TubeTraps and other acoustic products, whether he's assembling exoskeletons or base stands, or drilling end-caps...he's the go-to person for when a job needs to get done. During his off time, he does luthier work on guitars, helping musicians sound and play better!

Todd Bradford


Todd brings over 23 years of graphic design, 17 years of website design & development, and 12 years of marketing experience to the table. Working hard in trying to spread the word out about all ASC quality products. A  longtime music fan and playing guitar fills in the extra time.