Arthur Noxon, P.E.


Art Noxon founded ASC in 1984 when he invented the famous bass trap, the TubeTrap. He is world renowned for his work in acoustics, and holds numerous patents for acoustical products. Art continues his work in R&D, and still finds time for clients.

Pearl Chang


Pearl helps keep the business end of things running smoothly. She has been with ASC for over 20 years, and is the one to make sure the work gets done. Otherwise, we'd just listen to music all day...

Marcus Thompson


Marcus joined ASC in 1999, and brings 20 years of experience in managing daily business operations. He likes the small company atmosphere of ASC, where no two days are the same. He helps with sales and various projects, in addition to overseeing the coordination between departments.

Jordan Goulette


Jordan recently completed his Mechanical Engineering degree and now spends equal time between the front office and fabrication area.  Besides overseeing the shop, he also serves as the technical advisor & project manager for most of our custom jobs.

John Duerscheidt


With meticulous disposition, John is the one who ensures that your acoustic goods are packaged gently and securely to make a safe and timely journey from our door to yours.



Ian joined the ASC Team in 2018 and brought an invaluable combination of shop and office skills.  He now runs the purchasing department and builds TubeTraps when time allows.  He also builds the trickiest custom products the engineering department can come up with.  Amplifier repair and HiFi speaker construction are a couple more unique talents he brings to ASC.

Tim Link

HiFi Sales & Project Management

Tim came to ASC after a multi-year stint in the speaker-making business.  His corner loaded bass horns solve many of the acoustic room problems plaguing loudspeakers today.  Luckily for us, they are too big to remove from his listening room and so he came to work with us!  Check them out here.



For over five ten years, Victor has honed his skills in hand-finishing the entire line of ASC products. No custom job is beyond his problem-solving capabilities. When he isn't putting all the flourishes on TubeTraps and SoundPanels, he's cooking up darkwave with his band, Black Magdalene



Calum joined the ASC Team in 2018 and quickly learned the ropes in the finishing department.  Now he makes TubeTraps of all sizes and most of our wall-mounted absorber panels.  In his spare time, he builds the biggest horn speakers and transmission lines you've ever seen.



Jose joined the ASC Team in 2018 and immediately took over the paint department.  His background building and finishing Taylor guitars provided the perfect set of talents for ASC.  He also builds many of the TubeTraps, HalfRounds and QuarterRounds you love so dearly.  If you need some guitar repair in the Eugene area, he is your guy!