Soundproofing & Isolation

Room construction plays the largest role in soundproofing. Soundproofing can serve two functions: keeping OUT undesirable sound, and keeping IN sounds which others may find undesirable. 

Both these goals are accomplished when advanced soundproofing techniques are employed, and can be lumped together as "sound isolation". Low-frequency (bass) isolation is achieved through the general guideline of constructing very strong, rigid walls, floor, and ceiling. Mid-high frequency (treble) isolation is achieved by increased mass within the wall, floor, and ceiling surfaces. An advanced soundproofing system will provide upwards of 65 dB of isolation between 50 Hz and 10000 Hz. Attention must be paid to windows, doors, and air registers so as not to compromise the effectiveness of the system. Solutions include WallDamp, resilient channel, architectural planning, window plugs, door seal kits, and mufflers.