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    MATT  - The ASC Acoustic Test Signal

    ....play it first over headphones and then in your room.  You hear a scale of rapid tone bursts that any HiFi system should be able to reproduce.  Your system could but it can't because the room keeps getting in the way.  Then concentrate on the sound stage.  It's a mono signal and the image should stay stage center, tight and focused.  But it doesn't. This test is a rapid gated slow sine sweep.  It demonstrates the musical clarity vs frequency of the HiFi system in your room.  In some ranges of sound you will hear strong rapid dynamic sound level changes while in other ranges the tone bursts blur together in reverberant chaos.  You can also hear the more familiar peaks and valleys of your room.  Then play it again but this time close your eyes and concentrate on the sound stage of this perfectly mono signal.  In some tone ranges the image stays put; stage center, small and tight, where it belongs.  But the next tone range sees the image lose focus and fluff up into a ball of fog. And yet another sees the image up and wander off, flying around the sound stage like Peter Pan. The objective of performing the MATT test in your listening room is to determine where you might move your speakers, listening position, and/or where to add acoustic treatment to your room to obtain the highest quality sound possible from the components in your listening environment. To explore the musical intelligibility and the sonic image-ability of your audio system... How fast is your room? Most audiophiles know how loud they can play their room before it begins to breakup. Even the speakers have a breakup threshold, above which we begin to hear cone breakup and box buzz. The MATT test is an easy way to ring out your room without risking doing damage to structure or gear due to sustained power at one frequency. At lower sound levels it checks out the room acoustic part of your listening experience, sorting out clear dynamic bandwidths from blurred bandwidths.
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    We build specialty acoustics for virtually anyone
    • Architects
    • Acoustic engineers
    • Acoustic designers
    • Acousticians
    • Studio and media room builders
    • Interior designers
    • Sound contractors
    • Commercial & Industrial Manufacturers and related
    We provide a number of OEM products that are marketed by others and maintain a strict level of confidentiality. ASC provides design services during the planning phase of construction projects requiring acoustical consideration.
    If you have a project which must consider sound, ASC can be an important partner in the success of your project.
  • Acoustical Residential SoundFence for reducing sounds in noisy neighborhoods and residential areas. Acoustic fences will reduce the sound from heat pumps, pool filters, pool pumps, traffic noise and more. Residential sound-proofing in neighborhoods.
  • ASC designs and manufactures in-line mufflers, noise-reducing outlet diffusers, and duct baffles inserts. Most residential and commercial HVAC equipment creates too much noise for use in recording studios. We build specialty mufflers that combine built-in bass traps with standard treble range absorbing panels.
  • If you have outdoor compressors, transformers or HVAC equipment in close proximity to residential areas, odds are good that you need an ASC SoundFence. There are many types of noise barriers available, but none of them absorb noise like the SoundFence. They also share a common theme: high cost. The SoundFence gets the job done better while costing a fraction of comparable barrier systems.
  • With OfficeQuiet System, productivity goes up as noise goes down.
  • Our original Bastoni was designed by a very talented Italian trained furniture designer who worked in coordiniation with ASC President, Arthur Noxon. We introduced the Bastoni at the HIFI 96 audiophile show in the John Jacob Astor Salon at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in NYC.
  • The ASC BaffleCloud is an acoustic tool for reducing RT-60 in large spaces with high open plenum ceilings. The BaffleCloud, when suspended in a grid, can reduce the noise buildup typical in large spaces with lots of people.
  • ASC invented a great way to take advantage of an open web truss ceiling Acoustic engineers often specify baffle systems in large open spaces where the walls can’t be used for acoustic control. Baffle systems maintain bright local ambiance while limiting noise from across the room.

    The Truss Panel is Ideal For

    • Restaurants
    • Commercial Spaces
    • Foyers & Lobbies with Open Grid Ceilings
    • Waiting Areas
    • Any large noisy area with Open Grid Ceilings
  • A huge improvement to ceiling suspended baffles, the SoundFlag takes advantage of the increased sound pressure found in room corners. For the large space with high RT-60, a simple installation of SoundFlags is often all you need. With SoundFlags you won't have to move lights, sprinklers, and security devices to achieve a better sound.
  • MixClouds offer studios the broadband acoustic control and noise reduction they need to control flutter while mixing tracks. This is more than an easy to hang flat panel product. ASC includes the MixCloud as part of an overall custom acoustic plan for your studio, so there’s no guesswork.
  • Turn any Room into a Recording Studio

    There are two variations in the layout of SoundPlank arrays for the Mix Station. The front of the room is always the same but the back can be altered without degrading the sound for the engineer Used for small mixing rooms, this cool looking setup helps to soften nearfield reflections that can cloud what your ears are hearing. It's shipped as a set of (3) wall mounted MixStation units plus (10) SoundPlanks. The complete kit is an "all-in-one" acoustic control solution for achieving pro-studio quality results. The (3) large wall mounted arrays provide solid front-end control around the mixing console, with low frequency bass trapping built-in to eliminate undesirable "room-boom". The (10) SoundPlanks are an essential addition to deal with the wall opposite of the listening position. There are two variations in the layout of SoundPlank arrays for the Mix Station. The front of the room is always the same but the back can be altered without degrading the sound for the engineer.

    The MixStation is Great For

    • Recording Studios
    • Mix-Down Rooms
    • Post Production Suites
    • A/V Work Rooms
    • Project Studios
    • Home Studios
  • The ASC CeilingPanel is another acoustic building block for creative architects and designers that are concerned with large room acoustic control. The science behind the CeilingPanel is simple: control of directional noise by creating an acoustic speed bump.


    • Restaurants
    • Auditoriums
    • Band Rooms
    • Churches
    • Day Care Facilities
    • Gymnasiums
    • Home Theaters
    • Studios
    • High-End Listening Rooms
  • The PanelTrap addresses a wide range of acoustic needs, making virtually any room sound significantly better. Corner loaded bass trapping is a snap, giving you control of flutter echo and boundary loading problems, mode buildup, standing waves and impulse ringing. Every PanelTrap has built-in treble diffusion; sound remains “bright” and natural, not the dull acoustic qualities of foam. Get the PanelTrap difference and start laying down some amazing tracks today.
  • The PCAD (Poly Cylindrical Absorbing Diffusor) is a highly curved panel providing broadband absorption to reduce the "echo" in the room. These unique panels have the added benefit of treble reflectors distributed evenly throughout the panel. This is the perfect product for fine tuning your listening room, calming the room just enough without overly deadening the sound.
  • The original portable bass trap, the TubeTrap is a highly modified version of Harry F Olson's "functional sound absorber" and operates far more efficiently and to a lower frequency than its size would suggest. By including an integral treble range polycylindrical diffuser with each unit, Art Noxon (ASC founder, president, engineer) created a broadband acoustic control device able to maximize the sound quality in any space. Their cylinder shape provides the structural rigidity and internal air cavity necessary to absorb sound in the low frequency range. It’s their diameter, not length, that determines how deep into the bass range they can absorb. Because TubeTraps are “impedance-matched” to sound, they are fast-acting bass traps. Unlike slow acting membrane and resonator bass traps, TubeTraps handle musical transients just as easily as they handle sustains. TubeTraps transform room acoustics into an unforgettably articulate and dynamic musical bass line.


    • The original TubeTrap line is now a CUSTOM ORDER product.
  • Retrofit Noise Control Package for ARTCC Sites

    This is a noise control device engineered for use with the ARTCC system. It is designed to be an integral part of the system in both function and appearance. It is composed of a series of exhaust noise baffles.
  • When the manufacturer can’t supply the hush kit you need, we can.

    Acoustic Sciences Corporation also make custom solutions to help reduce the noise any kind of high noise air handler or cooling system. The ASC staff will engineer an add-on unit designed to seamlessly fit your existing air intake and/or exhaust. High noise air handler situations, such as those found in the cooling systems for large electronic switching centers, can cause hearing loss for unprotected workers on site. Our goal is to reduce the noise level to OSHA acceptable levels or better. Row after row of electronic signal processing cabinets are usually cooled by vented updrafts from the air conditioning plenum under the floating floor, but not always. Hot spots in equipment cabinets get extra cooling from air flow booster fans and blowers which always makes unplanned-for noise. That’s when a custom run of Acoustic Sciences Corporation's matching noise baffles need to be designed, built and delivered. It’s a big team project, with their engineers, technicians and managers on one side and our in-house staff on the other. Typically our clients will ship or sometimes hand-deliver the blueprints and functioning parts of their noise making equipment. We also partner with a local group of talented specialty fabricators so we get the high quality metal fabrication and painting we need. The goals, along with the long list of constraints, are lined out by our client and we go to work. We measure the noise, and determine how it is made. We design and build models improving each one until it works as desired. We ship it to the client for further testing. After back and forth exchanges, and we all come to an agreement the production version of the baffle is designed. A sample is made and shipped. After it’s approved we fabricate the production run and deliver it. Our happy customers include many smaller manufacturers and a few big ones, such as: FAA commercial and military airport ASR-9 radar sites, FAA air route traffic control center ARTCC sites, Westinghouse radar equipment, Raytheon contracts, Harris Corp Voice Switcher Cabinets, Liebert Air Handlers and Power Conditioners, EMC Corp’s huge hard drive memory cabinets, and for Texas Instruments, we developed our smallest baffle, about 3/8ths inch square, mounted to the flying head of their last heavy duty impact printer.
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