ASC TubeTrap – Big Bass Improvement

Reprinted from Equipment Review, October 2005

Here is an excerpt from a SubTrap review published in Equipment Review by John Kotches.

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The field of home acoustics control is crowded with relative newcomers to the industry. In this field, the Acoustic Sciences Corporation (ASC) is a relative veteran, and was one of the first companies to offer products for home and professional environments to address noise abatement and acoustical control issues.

The ASC SubTrap™ made a marked difference in the bass reproduction in my room, and I got the measurements to prove it!

John Kotches

ASC’s best-known product was awarded U.S. Patent 4,548,292 for a “Reflective Acoustical Damping Device For Rooms.” That isn’t a very catchy name; we’re much more familiar with the product’s retail name of TubeTrap™. The TubeTrap has achieved a rather interesting position in that it is used as both a generic (as is Xerox for photocopying), as well as a specific product. ASC has evolved far beyond the TubeTrap and now offers a wide range of acoustics products for the home, studio, and professional environments.

The TubeTrap still graces the product lineup and has two first cousins, in the quarter-round and half-round TubeTrap products. Art Noxon is president of ASC and the inventor of the TubeTrap. Art holds advanced degrees in both physics and mechanical engineering, with a focus on acoustics. His company’s product line has greatly expanded since its inception 20 years ago.

When it came time to build the dedicated home theatre/multichannel room in my new home I took the advice of a friend and fellow Widescreen Review writer Stacey Spears. It was Stacey who suggested I use ASC’s ISO-Wall solution. Stacy has a complete dedicated ASC room, including both sound and vibration proofing and conditioning. And Editor-In-Chief Gary Reber uses SubTraps in one of the reference systems at Widescreen Review.


Since 1985, Acoustic Sciences has been at the forefront of Hifi and Pro Audio acoustics.  Assembled below is a collection of key reviews and articles that we believe embody the high performance acoustics our original TubeTrap design provided and is extended in our modern IsoThermal TubeTraps, AttackWall and Quick Sound Field (QSF)

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