Project and Home Studios

A Project / Home Studio is often the place where great ideas start turning into great works. Perhaps it's a spare bedroom, a converted garage, or free standing out-building.

Whatever your situation may be, you've decided to make yourself a place to "create." A place where your dreams and aspirations will begin to materialize into reality.

No doubt, you've already made a sizeable investment in the required electronics, gear, and software tools to start recording and producing. Acoustic treatments, on the other hand, are often an afterthought.

Generally, people begin to consider acoustics when the results they are getting leave much to be desired in terms of final quality. We understand this dilemma. We talk to people just like you on a daily basis. They've tried the egg cartons, heavy blankets and low-cost wall foam. Yet, they are frustrated and looking for a better solution to a problem that just won't go away.

That's were we come in. Our staff of seasoned Acoustic Project Advisors will guide you through the maze of options and help you select products that will make an immediate impact now, and be able to grow with you and your craft into the future.

Where to Start?

Each room or acoustic space is unique.  No two rooms have the same sound signature.  The final sound you hear, or gets picked up by the mic, is dependent on a variety of factors.  These elements include:

  • Size & Shape of the Room
  • Ceiling type and height
  • Floor type and coverings
  • Wall construction
  • Placement of windows & doors
  • Furnishings within the room.


To begin a proper acoustic analysis of your room, we need to have this information.

So, a great place to start is by making a floor plan of the room (with dimensions and placment of furnishings indicated).  Take some photos of the room and e-mail them over to us.  (Or, you can fax or mail them over to us if you are 'old school').

We'll review your situation with you, ask about goals and budget, and come up with a recommendation.


• Bass Traps

The patented ASC TubeTrap is unlike any other bass trap, the physics behind the TubeTrap are based on a capacitive-resistive circuit. The acoustic capacitor (C) is the air chamber inside. The bigger it is, the more efficient the TubeTrap is at low frequencies. The acoustic resistance (R) is DC impedance matched to the radiation (LC) impedance of a freely radiating soundwave. Because of this design feature, the TubeTrap is more than 100% efficient. Another unique feature is the adjustable diffusion grid built into the TubeTrap. The specular diffusion panel that covers half of the TubeTrap is an acoustic choke (L) which is sized, ported and mass loaded to backscatter the treble range.

• Adjustable Diffusion Built-in

What makes our TubeTrap and StudioTrap products so versatile? Unlike, 'built-in' wall mounted acoustic products (which allow very little user control), our 'modular' acoustic devices give you full control to create a variable acoustic sub-space to suit nearly any recording or playback situation. Our products give the recording engineer the tools they require for the demands of quickly changing sessions.

• SoundPanels

Way better than traditional 'studio foam'.  The SoundPanel provides absorption from 200Mhz up through the entire treble range.  Like other ASC products, a built-in diffusive matrix is used to maintain treble ambience.


  • Project Studios
  • Home Studios
  • Personal Studios
  • Garage Bands
  • Digital Audio Workstations
  • Music Composition Suites
  • Music Practice Rooms
  • Vocal Booths

Broadband Sound Conditioning™

So You Can Turn Up The Volume Without Wishing You Hadn't

ASC delivers the best acoustic products that span the entire sound spectrum, from less than 20Hz to over 20kHz. From soundproofing to treble diffusion, we've got your home theater project covered.

Subwoofer Woofer
Subwoofers deliver punch and thump from the LF track 
which usually ends up shaking the whole house.
  Woofers pump up the bass, while the room folds it right back, trading out dynamics for modes and standing waves.   Mids and Tweets polish the treble but most rooms are too bright and quickly overflow with harsh backsplash.
Broadband Sound Conditioning
Structural Damping
Bass Traps
Wall Panels



Acoustic Soffit



Because all these products are made by ASC, it's easy to get a seamless, integrated acoustic package that looks great and sounds even greater.